Researchers and Acknowledgment

Genealogical research is made much easier and faster by the advent of the Internet and through mailing lists and websites I have met some met some wonderfully helpful people who always ready to share whatever information they have.

In particular I would like to acknowledge John and Kay Dickson for all of the Pearse family info they provided, Maggie Cooper for Farmer and Pearse info, Malcolm Friend, Mrs Stella Green, Greg Harper and Ray Kemp for a big "jump start" for the Friend family and finally Ron McLachlan, for being the inspiration for my researches and for McLachlan, Logie and Bownds family info. Finally a special thanks to all of the various family members who have provided me with invaluable informatrtion and a number fo stories which have added colour and depth to the lives of our ancestors.

This is an alphabetical listing of Researchers by the Surnames they are Researching if you would like to contact them about any of the surnames they are researching, please email me and I will forward the message on.

Steve Farmer, Oct 2001


Surname Researchers

Mrs Kathy Bader (also researching Farmer)

Peita Lafsky, Robert Mote

Peita Lafsky, Robert Mote

Mrs Margaret Clifton (also researching Egan)
Mrs C Bounds, via Margaret Clifton, provided several types pages of Bownds names.
Mrs A Bounds, via Margaret Clifton, provided a 5 generation Bownds descendant chart.

Mrs Margaret Clifton (also researching Bownds), provided me with several pages of Egan names.
Elaine Egan, of Clanegan

Margaret (Maggie) Cooper, family member
Mrs Kathy Bader, family member (also researching Bader)
Mrs Susan Norbry, family member
Mrs Betty Pleasance, provided information on another Farmer immigrant (also researching Grant)

Mr Malcolm Friend
Mrs Stella Green
Greg Harper
Ray Kemp
Malcolm Gray

Mrs Betty Pleasance, (also researching Farmer)

Mr Robert Mote, Peita Lafsky,

Mr Ron McLachlan

Ian Paul
Mrs Cheryl White

John and Kay Dickson
Belinda Desmond

Mr John Sagar


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